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Trends From Global Shop 2014

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Mar 26, 2014 01:57pm
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Last week in Las Vegas I attended the Global Shop Visual Merchandising and Display Trade Show. This show highlights the newest ideas, trends and possibilities for every possible retail POP space imaginable. I took as many photos as I could to help illustrate where this market segment is headed.

Textile was Everywhere

Whether dye-sublimation, direct to textile or UV-cure printed, textiles were featured in everything from back-lit displays to wall hangings and was often incorporated into the show booths themselves. Textile is flexible, easy to finish and light to ship making it a popular POP material. New weights and finishes were evident across the show floor, including the light mesh in the Testrite Visual frame pictured below.

Testrite Textile Wall Up Close            Textile-Backlit-4

Environmental is KEY!

About 80% of the POP pieces on display were made of corrugated paperboard. The most interesting was the “YOUR ENTIRE DISPLAY” system pictured in the photo below. There was a complete POP install that ships flat in a 2” x 3” cardboard box — truly amazing to see! The FiberMark booth also received a lot of interest in their wide format print media line. Environmental products are increasing in popularity in POP as they are blue-bin recyclable and therefore do not require that the retailers pay for disposal.

Your-Display-1-Box-Closed             Your-Display-1-Box-open


Display Screens Dominate

Almost every booth incorporated some form of Digital Signage or Display Screen. There was an extensive array of types, styles and sizes of display screens, from hand-held menus to informational signage and even an interactive touch screen system that incorporated rear projection technology. It appears that this trend is only getting started, as innovation in this technology increases at a very rapid pace.

Digital-Interactive-Menu        Touch-Screen-Rear-Projection

Lights, Lights and more Lights

Light was used extensively to highlight booth form and function; whether with traditional bulbs or with some form of LED module or back-lit panel. There were examples of cut-shape LED forms suspended from wires to illuminate specific objects within a booth. However, by far the most popular use of LED lighting came into play when combined with textile. Textile was inserted within aluminum sign frames, which were then lit from within with LED strip lighting or high-powered LED light bars. The effect was subtle and very impactful as light naturally draws the eye. As LED manufacturers develop smaller and smaller diodes, battery operated options and improve RBG technology, you can expect this trend to continue to grow.

Backlit-Booth-Acrylic-Display             LED-Window-Display

Backlit-Booth-Matrix             Shape-Cut-LED-1


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