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Summer Wrap Maintenance

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Sep 01, 2016 11:10am
Posted in: Shop Talk

Written by: Avery Dennison, Graphics Solutions on

Summer’s still in full swing and the heat is on – but what do increased temperatures and higher humidity mean for wrapping cars in the shop, or advising customers on how to keep wrapped cars and trucks looking sharp? Here’s our take on it.

Summer wrap maintenance

No matter where you live in North America, the summer months bring rising temperatures and in some places more humidity.  These factors affect the look and long-term durability of vinyl films and overlaminates.

In the Shop:

If you have stored product waiting for that next job, be sure to check your thermostat and humidity levels. Unapplied films should be stored in a controlled environment at 72° F (+/- 5°) — or 22° C (+/- 3°) — and 50% (+/-5%) relative humidity. Plus the storage area should be free from direct sunlight.

On the Vehicle:

Particularly in summer, wrapped vehicles should be cleaned every two weeks, or whenever they appear dirty. Like automotive paint, PVC films will eventually degrade if constantly exposed to dirt, grime and contaminants, including UV light and/or heat. To keep wraps looking their best, vehicles should be parked in the shade, inside a garage, or under cover whenever possible. Remember that:

  • UV damage can be even more of a problem in mountainous areas, increasing significantly because the air is thinner at higher elevations and offers less UV filtering.
  • In urban and industrial areas, increased smog, pollutants and particulates create chemicals that get trapped on the horizontal areas of the wrap, increasing UV exposure and decreasing durability.
  • Using an approved wax – one without petroleum distillates — can provide added UV protection, especially for horizontal areas. Avery Dennison’s new Supreme Wrap™ Care Sealant is another option.
  • In the event of exposure in desert situations, or in areas that are high in UV exposure, film durability can be reduced by 20 to 60 %.

The best way to keep wraps clean? We suggest hand washing them with a mild, soapy water solution and a sponge. A waterless wash product is preferred if available. A brushless automatic car wash is ok, too, but skip the wax options since you won’t know if the wax contains petroleum distillates.

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