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Summa Thermal Print Ribbons – Firmware Update May be Required

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Jul 28, 2020 10:30am
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In order for some Summa Thermal Print Ribbons to read properly, a firmware update may be required.

Within the last year Airmark has been slowly rolling out a Universal RI Chip that works in Summa DC3, DC4 and DC5 print/cut machines. This new of style chip won’t be recognized unless the printer has been upgraded to the latest firmware version.

For example, in the case of the Summa DC4 that would be Revision 5.8.  If the firmware version is lower than 5.8, then that will likely cause a reading issue and an error will be present. However, once the upgrade is completed the chips should read properly.

DOWNLOAD LINK: To get the latest firmware for your Summa Printer/Cutter click HERE and choosing the appropriate Summa model. The upgrade is transmitted via the Summa Printer Control

If this still does not fix the issue, please contact your ND Graphics Representative, or you can also contact AirMark Customer Support directly via e-mail at:


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