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Should You Paint or Use Vinyl? Here’s a Primer

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Oct 23, 2015 01:52pm
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What’s the difference between paint and a vinyl wrap? Why choose vinyl over paint? What are the best uses of adhesive vinyl? Where can it be used? These are all valid questions for first time vinyl film users.

Santiago High School Using Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions

Let’s address what vinyl can be applied to – the answer is pretty much anything. Different durabilities are available with various adhesives to stick to almost any substrate. Walls, floors, cars, ceilings, windows and signage are all options. Whether you’re promoting a business or decorating a personal or work space, think of vinyl as your go anywhere solution.

Why not just paint your space? It’s simple, the labor and time savings. Painting requires brushing, rolling or spraying, followed by a period of drying before recoating then drying yet again. All the while, your space goes unused. Paint can also be incredibly messy. Vinyl is easily adhered to the substrate and is typically very simple to install.  It is laid down carefully, using a roller, squeegee or your hands to prevent air bubbles from forming. There’s no downtime involved.

Businesses choose to use vinyl because of its inexpensive cost, flexibility of use and ease of installation and removal. If you want to change the appearance of your business or vehicle for a promotion or season, vinyl is ideal.See how Santiago High School in Corona, California used vinyl to create a new, inspiring environment within the school’s main lobby. Perforated window film can even present a great graphic on one side while remaining easy to see through on the other. Make the switch to vinyl to experience the benefits yourself.

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