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Digital Cut Program

Our Digital Cut program allows you to buy all your favourite printable products in 5-yard increments.

Reduce inventory and increase profits! Visit the ND Graphics website for more details.


As orders are custom cut, we cannot offer refunds except in cases of either defective products or mis-shipments.


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IJ680Cr-10 White Reflective Controltac Permanent 48″
780mC-10R 6.6mil White Reflective for SV/LX/UV Permanent 48″
IJ5100-R 7mil White Reflective Permanent 48″
IJ8624 2mil White Gloss for Textured Surfaces 54″
ArmourGrab Counter Mat System 8mil 54″
ArmourPrint Counter 15mil 54″
Chalkmate 5mil Blackboard Permanent for UV only 30″
FloorTac 3.2mil Matte White Removable 54″
FloorTac Textures Print & Go Matte White 54″
Reveal Backlit 7mil Matte 54″
Reveal Backlit 8.5mil Gloss 54″
Polar Blockout 6.7mil Matte Permanent 54″
Lexedge II CLR Velvet GL 48″
Lexedge II CLR Velvet Matte 48″
Lexedge FR-65 10mil CLR Velvet GL 48″
PVC-10 10mil Shelf and Tag Semi-Rigid PVC”
Polyester Backlit Film White Matte 48″”
RP35 White / RP36 Clear Rear Projection Film 53″
Illustra Snow & Linen Glass Decoration Film 54″
PrintMilky Dryapply DFL 210 Etch Window Film 54″
ClearBoard CB 75 Matte / CB 90 Gloss Dry Erase Laminates 54″
FF550 FerroSoft & FF480 Ferrosoft Print Magnetic Receptive Whiteboard Ferrous Films 39″/54″
FP 180 Polyester & FP 260 Polypropylene FerroPaper Ferromagnetic Print Films 11mil 50″
GlassColour Clear Coloured Films 49″
EtchedBoard Dryapply EBL 300 Re-Writable Window Etch 53″
MetalColour Metalized Polyester Film CA 24 48″
MetalEffect Metalized Indoor/Outdoor Polyester Film CA 23 49″
MetalLux SE 50 Matte Metallic Film 49″
MT 400 MagneTack PSA Magentic Base 39″
PrintMetal CA 30 Printable Metallic Film 49″
Print N’Go Floor Graphic DFP 33 8mil 54″
UltraTack DFP 6 Clear High Tack For LSE 54″