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Keep Your Printer Busy, When Your Shop Might Not Be

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Apr 13, 2020 02:14pm
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Many of you will have large format printers that are not being used to their full potential at this time.

While regular maintenance is still necessary, over time, most printers will benefit more from real printing than simple maintenance.  Continuing to run print jobs will help to keep the ink moving through lines, valves, dampers and ultimately, printheads!  As little as twenty to thirty minutes of printing once a week can help to mitigate potential problems and keep everything in top shape for when things get back to normal.

Support Your Community

If you are short on paying print jobs, perhaps try printing something for your community non-profit, or local girls or boys’ clubs instead of running random prints. It is a great opportunity to give back, while using up partial rolls or off-cuts.

Something as simple as a free sign could be incredibly important to a small business. Or maybe that sign can be used to help inform the public about safety practices or promote delivery of local products or services?

No idea how to reach out? Get the word out on your social media sites about your offering or call your local Town Hall or Community Centre.

For some motivational ideas see an example of corrugated plastic signs that were installed using H-stakes by our Technical & Colour Specialist, Wissam Botros:

ND Graphics’ own Jason Holmes was featured on CTV News London for his supportive fence banner and front lawn signs:

Park Sign Creative located in Collingwood, Ontario ran with the idea of producing “Thank-You” lawn signs. The sings were placed in front of local residences for pick up free of charge. This allowed the neighbourhood to show appreciation to local front line workers on their own front lawn!

During these difficult times, it is important to stay positive and we can use our skills and equipment to create great signs to show support, boost positivity and put a smile on someone’s face!

Tag yourself and then tag us @ndgraphics or #ndgraphics, and we will share what you’ve created on our social media platforms!

We are all in this together — let the power of our signs be a reminder of that!


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