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It is Rink Board Season and Drytac has Solutions!

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Oct 18, 2018 09:18am
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Hockey season is upon us with plenty of action on the rink, but there are also a lot of opportunities to grab spectator attention with advertising; in particular with rink boards.

There are a variety of different materials, technologies and techniques that can be used for rink board advertising, depending on how long the graphics need to stay in place. Some local rinks have the same advertising boards on display for long periods, while the NHL is short term, even to the point of changing graphics during a game between periods.

However, basics remain the same: the material must be easy to apply and should adhere securely to the surface while on display, but be easily removed with no residue left behind when the campaign is over. Usually, graphics are  28″ to 30″ high, so often rolls with widths of 60″ or 62″ are required so images can be printed two-up.

Drytac Polar Transit

It is not just the NHL that are using rink board advertising. Many community and local rinks are using them to build revenue as tournaments and charity games often have sponsors that require in-game recognition. These installations tend to be longer-term projects lasting days, weeks or even entire seasons. This sort of application would often be a removable vinyl that is laminated for extended longevity and abrasion resistance. Drytac offers several Polar Premium printable vinyl and InterLam Pro laminate combinations that are an ideal and affordable solutions.

Drytac’s Polar Transit is another rinkboard option that can do double duty. Originally designed for bus advertising, many NHL rink board advertising campaigns now use this product.  As the name suggests, Polar Transit has great adhesion on smooth, flat surfaces such the sides of buses, but is also ideal for sports arenas. Thanks to its rugged qualities, Polar Transit is used for advertising and signage that can last for up to 5 years. This matte, white, polymeric self-adhesive PVC film can be printed with UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent inks and its removable grey acrylic adhesive makes it easy to apply and to take down when the game or season is over.

Taken from an article originally authored by Peter Bourgeois, Territory Sales Manager-Western Canada, Drytac


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