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Helmet Wrap Using 3M IJ-380 Vinyl [Video]

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Sep 06, 2011 11:44am
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A Quick Thanks

Earlier this year, ND Graphics wrapped up a series of 2-day Open Houses across the country. Typically, 40 or so local sign and display companies graced us with their presence, over the course of each event.  It was fun to meet and greet with so many of you personally, and we want to thank everyone who turned out.

On with Brandon Blancher’s Helmet Wrapping Technique

At an open house back in our Toronto branch, someone had the presence of mind to record video of Brandon Blancher demonstrating his unique, creative solution for wrapping helmets and goalie masks.  Like all professionals, he makes it look easier than it is.  But with practice and the right tools, there’s no reason any of us can’t master Brandon’s technique.  Apologies for the sound quality…

As a footnote …

I was blown away by the number and quality of vehicle wraps coming in to the branches each day.  The design creativity and advertising impact of the wraps I saw was top notch.

Do you have any slick tricks or tips for vinyl wraps?  Leave us a comment below, and we’ll feature the best tips in an upcoming post. Featured tips will of course include link love back to your website… to help with your SEO.


  1. After the decal is on the helmet, do you need to spray the edges with anything to prevent it from curling up?

  2. if you have logos and special graphics on the vinyl do they get stretched and distorted? if so is there a way around it? or how would you do it?

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for your visiting our site and taking interest in the Helmet Wrap Video, we hope it was useful! I have spoke with one of our sales people and they are going to reply to your questions directly. If you have anymore questions or would like some assistance please feel free to call me anytime at 416-663-6416 Ext. 3330


      Lindie Hills
      Marketing Specialist

    • Hello Sir

      I am writing this in response to a few questions you had about our materials. Particularly you asked:

      – After decal is on the helmet, do you need to spray the edges with anything to prevent it from curing up?

      Answer: Depends on the helmet. If it is smooth metal or plastic, so long as you smooth the material at the edges, you should not require any further product. To be extra sure, you can use a 3M Edge Sealing liquid product (I would stay away from the edge seal tape due to the curves of the helmet). Information and application instruction can be found here ––&fn=3950_4150S_8914.pdf. We sell this in an 8oz can for $18.02. Another product I would advise you to use prior to application is Primer 94, a liquid product you would brush on that, when dry, becomes chalky and promotes adhesion. If you are finding any spot where the adhesive would have trouble adhering (so rough plastic and textured metal), you can use this prior to applying the vinyl to promote adhesion. Info on it is here and we sell this by the 8oz can for $11.31

      – If you have logos and special graphics on the vinyl do they get stretched or distorted? If so, is there a way around it? Or what would you do?

      Answer: If you are printing the graphic on 3M IJ308cv3, the material has a 120% stretch, meaning it can stretch up to 120% before the image gets distorted. It can stretch more or less without distorting depending on the graphic (the more complicated, the more likely deficiencies would be noticed when stretching). Use a heat gun sparingly when stretching it over a helmet or complex curve. If you would like a small sample of the IJ380cv3 to play with and see the stretch on a printed graphic yourself, let me know and I can set up.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me

      Zul Hirji

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