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Gerber Omega Quick Tip: Quick-Import Graphics into Composer via Windows Explorer, Drag and Drop and Copy/Paste

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Aug 06, 2015 08:46pm
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gerber omega

The best-known way to add graphics into Composer is to go to the File menu, then click on either the Open
or Import commands.

Graphics can also be imported or opened into Composer in the following ways:

1. Drag and drop PLT, JPG, EPS or other valid graphic files from Windows File Explorer into Composer.
With drag and drop, a new Composer file is created for each graphic.  Graphics are not added to an
existing design.  If multiple files are dragged and     dropped at the same time, a new Composer file will be
created for each graphic.

2. Highlight a file name in Windows File Explorer, then switch to Composer and paste (or Edit>Paste Here).
The file will get added to     the existing Composer design.  If copying and pasting multiple files at the same
time, subsequent graphics file will appear directly     next to the previous graphic.

If a file format does not require any dialog box settings (PLT, JPG, TIF), the file will simply appear in
Composer.  If a file format DOES require dialog box settings (AI, EPS, PDF), the import settings dialog
box will appear automatically and wait for user input.

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