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Why won’t my cart checkout?

A cart will not checkout until all of the mandatory fields have been filled in.

Customer P.O. – If your account is set to always require a P.O. you will not be able to checkout unless one is entered. If you would like to remove this requirement, please contact our A/R department at

Payment Method – You must select a payment method to proceed with your order, please choose one from the drop down list.

Ship Method – Select and ship method from the drop down list, if you have selected ‘other’ because you wish to use your own courier, enter the name of the courier service to proceed.

Accept Special Terms – When the “Accept” field is present next to a product, the product is non-stocking at the supplier and cannot be returned. In order to complete the order, it is necessary to click the checkbox to show that you have accepted that this product is non-returnable.

If all of these fields are filled in and your cart still won’t check out please contact customer service at 1 888 634-7274 or email