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How do I find the product I’m looking for?

There are a number of options you can choose in order to find the product you’re looking for.

Using search function

Simply type the product name or product code into the search bar at the top of the page and follow the link to the product page you’re looking for.

Navigating through product categories

Our extensive list of products has been sorted into a variety of categories based on function and brand to facilitate product searches.

1. Click “Products” at the top of the page

2. Narrow your search by determining whether your product belongs in Materials,Equipment or Software

3. Choose a sub category based on product type

4. To further narrow down your search, choose a more specific product category or select the product brand in the boxes on the left-hand side of the page.

5. Select the correct product, or use the product description on the right to find the product which best suits your application.

6. Use product pages to explore the description, features and benefits and suggested applications of your product.

Creating a favorites list

You can easily find the products you order routinely by creating your own favorites list and adding products to your cart directly from the Favourites page.