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How do I add/delete items on my favourites list?

To add items:

1. Find the product you wish to add to your Favourites list.

2. click ADD in the ‘FAVE’ column on the product page. Alternatively, review your Past Purchases and click the heart symbol next to the products you have ordered before.

3. If the product already belongs to a favourites list, the ADD button will appear as a heart icon.

4. Enter any comments you’d like to add to a product (e.g. what job you use it on) as well as the quantity you typically order (note: this can be changed when you’re placing your actual order).

5. You can add this product to an existing favourites list from the “Add Product to an Existing List” drop-down list, by clicking the “Add to Favourites” button.

6. You can also add this product to a new list by typing the list name in the “Add Product to a New List named” text box, then clicking the “Add to New List” button.

To delete items:

1. On the Favourites page, click ‘Edit this List’

2. Check the box next to any items you wish to delete from the list.

3. Click ‘Update this List’

4. Items will no longer appear on your favourites list

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