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How do I add multiple contacts to my account?

In order to manage your contacts on your account you must have administrative access. To add a user:

1. In the ‘My Account’ drop down list on the grey navigation bar, select ‘Manage Contacts’

2. To create a new contact, click the “Create New Contacts” button at the bottomright of the screen.

3. Fill in the mandatory information

4. Select the default account for the profile

5. Assign a profile to the user

1. An “Administrator Account” – this person has the ability to access account statements, orders in process, past purchases, shop online, as well as create and delete contacts and assign profiles.
2. A “Shopper Account” – this person will have access to shop online, view orders in process and past purchases, but is unable to review account statements.

6. Click Submit to submit information and return to ‘Manage Contacts’ screen.

7. Repeat steps 1 – 5 for each additional user.