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USLED TD3 and TD1 LED Channel Letter and Light Box Modules

Posted by Sandra Ondas
Jul 02, 2015 07:09pm

TD1 and TD3, are the newest LED module products from USLED made for back lighting a large variety of sign cabinets, graphic displays and channel letters.  The TD series can create even lighting — in shallow depths using less product – while saving the customer money.  BakerHughesMonument

TD3 is a 3-up LED light Bar with 3M VHB on the back for quick mounting. Recommended permanent installation is with screws and silicone.

TD1 is a 1-up, 2 per foot LED Module with a patented lens cover with 3M VHB on the back for quick mounting. Recommended permanent installation is with screws and silicone.

What are the benefits of USLED TD1 and TD3 Products? One major issue with shallow depth LED applications has been the over populating of modules required to create even lighting with no hot spots.

  • USLED TD modules can be mounted 3” from the sign fascia, have 8” spacing between rows and provide perfectly even lighting. The flexibility of this product is shown when the customer moves the modules further from the sign fascia, increasing spacing from row-to-row up to 24” apart at a 12” depth! This means that one product can be utilized in 3” depth letters; in signs with 8” spacing; AND in 18” deep sign cabinets with 24” spacing!
  • Both TD1 and TD3 offer a 155 degree beam angle with a patented lens
  • 6500K of bright white light
  • L70 – 63,000 hour life expectancy
  • A unique heat-diffusing aluminum backer board allows these module to use 3M VHB tape, unlike competitive models
  • 15-20% less energy is used compared to competing LED modules
  • TD1 provides 240 lumens/ft with an IP66 rating
  • TD3 provides 360 lumens/ft with an IP66 rating
  • The same TD1 or TD3 module can use either a 12V or 24V power supply meaning more product can run off one power supply reducing overall costs
  • The versatility of the TD1 and TD3 modules reduces inventory, while saving the customer time and money
  • 5 year warranted

Specification Information:

TD1 Spec Sheet: http://www.usled.com/site/assets/files/1542/td1_datasheet_061115.pdf

TD3 Spec Sheet: http://www.usled.com/site/assets/files/1543/td3_datasheet_061115.pdf

USLED Complete Catalogue: http://www.usled.com/site/assets/files/1021/cl_catalog_rev8cl0614g-1.pdf

General Installation Guide: 


TD3 Retrofit Guide: