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2019 New Product Review

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Mar 19, 2019 02:03pm

Looking for a new product solution, or simply something different to make your design stand out? Listed below are #NDApproved new products offered by ND Graphics.
All #NDApproved items have been printed, tested and put through their paces to ensure they perform as intended. This means that we deliver quality product that performs as expected!

This list will continue to grow as new products are added, so be sure to visit this page often! Also follow #NDApproved on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to see install photos and promos.

Accessories & Tools

Print Media & Laminates

Window & Decor Products

Heat Transfer

  • FOREVER Laser-Light – one step, printable thermal transfer media for dry-toner printers. For use on light or pastel coloured t-shirts
  • Gerber Heat Transfer Plus – a 2.8mil, PU, thermally-printable, white, opaque flex material designed for printing on the Gebere Edge, Edge II and Edge FX using standard GerberColor Spot and Process foils and medal foils.
  • Siser EasyPatterns – new 12″ width and also new patterns to choose from
  • Siser Stripflock Pro – a new formulation of flock for a velvet smooth finish
  • Siser EasyWeed – new colours to choose from
  • Siser Holographic – new colours added to the line-up

Non-Printable Films

  • 3M Series 2080 Wrap Film – 3.5mil coloured wrap film. 3D conformable for smooth installation, with improved stretch to provide improved installation around curves and channels. Gloss films come with a conformable cap-sheet to protect against scrathign during installation.
  • Drytac Wipe Erase White Dry Erase – a 6mil white, opaque, clear permanent adhesive, polyester dry erase film with a high gloss finish. This is a permanent version of the existing ultra-repositionable ReTac Wipe Erase


  • Allanson LEGDEN2 Micro-Mini LED Modules – designed to fit into channel letters and light boxes from 1″ to 3″ deep
  • Allanson Skyline Flexible LED Border Tubing – a smooth surface, encapsulated, flexible LED border tubing system with a 150 degree beam angle for interior and exterior lighting applications. It is available in Red (RD), Yellow (YL), Cool White 6500K (CW), Blue (BL), Green (GR), and RGB(W)
  • Allanson SPEEDLamp 347V LED Bulbs for Retrofit — A T12, 347 volt LED retrofit lamp that offers an IP65 rating, rotatable sealed end caps and 50,000 hour lifetime rating for pylon signs
  • Allanson Multi Channel Power Supplies – 12V 120-277 Multi Channel Power Supplies, designed in linear confgurations, allow for single driver installation to power applications that would normally require two or three separate power supplies

Equipment & Inks

  • Dimensor S Printer – DIMENSOR is a 63” wide, proprietary latex print platform that uses DIMENSE print media along with a structural ink and 4-colour ink to add dimension, structure and texture along with colour at the same time.
  • Caldera VisualRip & GrandRIP Software & CalderaCare – Suites of award-winning, production-orientated print and Print-and-Cut workflow programs that provide colour management, imaging and processing solutions for large and grand-format peripherals.
  • HP R 1000 Series Flatbed Latex Printer – a flatbed and roll-to-roll, latex printer that can print onto any rigid or flexible substrate
  • Massivit 3D Printer – a large-format 3D printer that prints giant-sized, lightweight, hollow-centre, forms, signage and displays. Once printed these pieces can be illuminated, backlit, or finished with wrap vinyl, via auto-refinishers, hand painters and hydro-dippers. Using a proprietary UV-curing, Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, MassivIt print technology creates unique, variable-resolution 3D forms and support-less structures.
  • Mimaki LUS-100 Clear Ink for UCVJ300 Series – A clear UV-cure ink that is for use on the UCJV-300 Series only. Ideal for creating textures and effects.
  • OKI Pro8432WT Toner Printer – now supports CMY+Black(K) or CMY+White (W) swop out channel