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New Product News for 2020

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Mar 25, 2020 03:10pm

Staying ahead of ever-changing industry trends that influence your business has always been important. Let ND Graphics make this process easier, by combining all that is new in one easy reference site! As new products are added throughout the year this list will grow, so be sure to visit this page often!

Listed below are #NDApproved new products brought to you by ND Graphics. All new materials have been printed, tested and put through their paces. This ensures they perform as intended and takes the worry out of trying new products! Be the first to know what is new by following #NDApproved and #ndgraphics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to see installation photos, promotions and much more!

Printable Media

  1. Contra Vision HD Clear Perforated Window Film: A clear, perforated window film with 1mm diameter holes. It has 60/40 perforation levels, yet looks like a 70/30 film. When printed with white ink this can be used to create inside-apply perforated window graphics.
  2. Contra Vision HD Translucent Perforated Window Film: A translucent, perforated window film with 1mm holes. It has 60/40 perforation levels, yet looks like a 70/30 film. Ideal for 24-7 viewable graphics for retail, as this perf does not suffer from burn through at night!
  3. Drytac FloorTac Textures, Removable Print & Go Floor: a white, textured, slip-rated print and go floor graphic for application to carpet, tile and many other interior surfaces. No lamination required.
  4. Drytac Polar Blockout, Matte White Permanent: A white print face with a metallized blockout core and white back with a clear permanent adhesive. This film offers true opacity! Ideal for double sided window decals or any location where a cover-up film is required!
  5. Drytac Polar Grip + InterLam Pro UV Emerytex Exterior Floor Combo: a high tack, slip-rated, floor graphic for application to exterior concrete, brick and sidewalks.
  6. Drytac SpotOn 50 Opaque White Removable: A new SpotOn white matte film with the same great removable dot-adhesive but with 50% greater opacity.
  7. Drytac ReTac Woodgrain Matte White Ultra-Removable: An ultra-removable, white matte PSA vinyl that is embossed with a subtle woodgrain pattern.
  8. Drytac ReTac Smooth Gloss White Ultra-Removable: 3.2mil and 6mil ultra-removable films, now also available in gloss finish.
  9. Metamark & MetaScape Crystal Etch and Dusted Etch Window Films: We’ve added to this line-up again! Fully printable, wet apply (Metamark) or dry-apply (MetaScape) window etch films in two new finishes: Metamark Wet Apply Dusted Etch, MetaScape Dry-Apply Dusted Etch, Metamark Wet-Apply Crystal Etch, MetaScape Dry-Apply Crystal Etch
  10. PALRAM Palight Premium and PALRAM Palight EPS Economy rigid PVC boards are two new series of rigid PVC board that can be used for a variety of end applications.

Coloured and Decorative Media

  1. 3M FASARA Decorative Window New Patterns: 3M has discontinued a few patterns and added many more see. 2019/2020 Catalogue link is included on this web page.
  2. 3M 2080 Cast Wrap Series: A premium, high quality cast wrap film product that is 3D conformable for smooth and easy installation. It has improved stretch for easier installation around curves and channels. On the gloss versions there is a low-density polyethylene film layer, which remains in place during installation and is removed easily after application.
  3. Jessup Safety Track Commercial Grade Tapes: a coloured, grit containing, commercial grade non-skid marking tape. It is the preferred product when visual warnings are required to mark potential slip and fall hazard areas.

Thermal Transfer Media

  1. Siser Glitter: exciting new colours have been added!
  2. Siser EasySubli: dye-sublimation transfer heat transfer sheets for use on white and coloured polyester along with other fabrics such as cotton, rayon and wool.
  3. Siser EasyWeed Stretch: new colours and the addition of a new frosted liner.
  4. Siser StripFlock & StripFlock Fluorescent: A textured, (fuzzy) HTV that has a velour, suede-like feel. The new formulation can now be applied at a lower temperature and maintains the texture for longer.

Tools and Shop Supplies

  1. 3M Magnetic PPF Squeegee: a special yellow, flexible, anti-scratch squeegee with embedded magnets for use with PPF and other wrap films.
  2. Metal Real Estate Sign Frames with Pin Tops for Riders: JD style, powder coated, black metal 2-piece frame with two pins on the top that fit a 4mm corrugated plastic rider. Available in three sizes.
  3. Metal Real Estate Sign Frames with Decorative Scroll Tops: JD style, powder coated, black metal 2-piece frame with a decorative scroll top. Available in three sizes.
  4. Real Estate Aluminum Post Kits: available in black or white, these aluminum posts are sturdy and attractive. T-shaped this frame can support a top rider and can hang a 30″ or wider sign face.

Printing & Finishing Equipment

  1. Foster Evolution3 Freehand, Benchtop and SmartFold manual cutters are the new models that replace Evolution2 and Javeline series cutters. They use a precise steel track and bearing system for ultimate cutting accuracy.
  2. GPF 563TH-4R Top Heat Laminator: This new laminator model offers 50% faster throughput with easy-loading, 3″ quick-grip swing-out shafts. It offers versatile roll-to-roll operation with an included motorized rewind, slitter and foot pedal.