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ND Graphics New Products for 2017: A Year in Review

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Dec 22, 2017 10:29am

2017: A Year in ReviewIn reviewing the year, it’s amazing how much innovation ND Graphics can fit into just 365 days!!  There were over 75 new products, brands, line extensions and colour additions that were launched during 2017; are you aware of them all?

Find something for that creative idea you are working on, let a unique product become the focal point of your next project, or simply look into trending colours. There is something new for every shop!


  1. 3M IJ180mC (Micro Comply) Cast Wrap Films (IJ180mC-10, IJ180C-10LSE, IJ180-10SLS, IJ180mC-120, IJ180mC-114)
  2. 3M 48C PVC-Free Print Film
  3. 3M 40C-114 Clear Print Film
  4. 3M 780mC Conformable, Printable Reflective
  5. 3M 1080 New Cast Wrap Film Colours
  6. 3M ColorFlip New Cast Wrap Film Colours
  7. 3M IJ160-10 (now replaces IJ162-10)
  8. 3M IJ1080 Cover Chrome
  9. 3M 180mC New Film Colours
  10. 3M 948pro Version 4 Paint Protection Film
  11. 3M Perfect-it Yellow Microfibre Detailing Cloths
  12. 3M 8900 Colour Shift Sparkle Laminates
  13. 3M 8900 Brushed and  Carbon Fibre Laminates
  14. 3M 9088FL Double Coat Tape
  15. 3M 93020LE High Strength Double Coat Tape
  16. 3M 8600 Décor Textured Laminates
  17. 3M 3630/3730 New Translucent and Envision Translucent Film Colours
  18. Allanson LEDGEN2 Low Profile Cabinet & Channel Letter Modules
  19. ASLAN PrintMilky Dry Apply White Translucent, Cuttable, Printable Window Film
  20. ASLAN MirrorEffect AntiScratch SE 75 PET Mirror Film
  21. ASLAN GlassColour CT 113 Transparent Coloured Window Films
  22. ASLAN WallStick CM 100 Matte Removable Coloured Window & Wall Films
  23. ASLAN WindowBlock DFP 25 Blockout Window Film for All Inks
  24. Avery 1105 EZ RS Cast Wrap Film
  25. Avery SW 900 Cast Wrapping Film New Colours
  26. Avery ColorFlow New Cast Gloss Wrap Film Colours
  27. Avery 1405 PVC Free Textured Surface Film
  28. Avery 3901 PVC Free Print Film
  29. Avery 2105 EZ RS Print Film
  30. Avery 2610 Permanent Smooth Matte Wall Film
  31. Avery DOL 6460 Polyurethane Over Laminate
  32. Contra Vision Campaign Clear 70/30 Window Perf
  33. Contra Vision Performance High Def 60/40 Window Perf
  34. Convex Lacrosse & Hockey Vinyl for Gerber Edge
  35. Drytac Polar Mono Monomeric Print Film
  36. Drytac Polar Carpet Monomeric Print Film
  37. Drytac Dynamic + Gloss/Matte/Lustre, Monomeric Overlaminate
  38. Drytac Dynamic + Sand Monomeric, Textured Laminate
  39. Drytac OptiTac Optically Clear Mount Film
  40. Drytac ReTac WipeErase White, Ultra-Removable Dry Erase Film
  41. Drytac SpotOn White, Clear Gloss & Clear Matte Print Film
  42. Drytac SpotOn Floor Print & Install, Print Film
  43. Drytac ViziCling Static Cling Print Vinyl
  44. Drytac Zippy Cutter & Replacement Blades
  45. FOREVER TransferRIP for OKI Toner Printers
  46. FOREVER Laser-Dark Low-Temp Full Colour Toner Transfer Media
  47. FOREVER Flexsoft Low-Temp Pre-Coloured Toner Transfer Media
  48. GDI Bulldozer Squeegee for Automotive Tint Installation Tool
  49. GFP 54” & 63” Top Heat Laminators
  50. Jain Low Density Excel PVC Board
  51. Marabu StarLam Liquid Laminator
  52. Marabu StarLam Liquid Laminates
  53. Metamark MD-RF Reflective Print Film
  54. Metamark MD5A-B High Performance Polymeric Blockout Print Film
  55. Modelmark RubberMark Tire Tattoo Kit for Gerber Edge
  56. O’LamBrite Optically Clear Over Laminate
  57. Plasticade Polyframe Real Estate Yard Signs
  58. Rollover VR15 Vinyl Remover for Weeding Vinyl
  59. Royson Dreamscape Odyssey, Nolar Sail Cloth Terralon Regatta, Brilliant Peel & Stick Wallcovering
  60. Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl New Colours
  61. Siser EasyReflective Heat Transfer Vinyl
  62. Siser EasyWeed Adhesive
  63. Siser EasyWeed Heat Transfer New Colours
  64. Snap Frames and LED Illuminated Snap Frames
  65. Stainless Steel Standoffs
  66. TVF TextileBrite 3oz Flag with Paper Liner for SV/ESV/LX/UV
  67. TVF TextileBrite Supra Fabric Elite for Backlit & SEG for SV/ESV/LX/UV
  68. TVF Latex Performance Durable DigiFascination Textile
  69. TVF Latex Performance Durable DigiCompetition Textile
  70. TVF Latex Performance Durable DigiPanorama Textile
  71. TVF Latex Performance Durable DigiStretch Textile
  72. TVF Latex Performance Durable DigiSuperNova Textile
  73. TVF BannerBrite 13oz 1000D banner in new 102’ short rolls
  74. USLED PDX LED Cabinet & Channel Letter Modules
  75. Wagner Zip Handle Magnets