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ND Graphics New Products : 2016 Year in Review

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Jan 11, 2017 11:09am

ND Graphics launched over 65 new products during the incredibly busy year that was 2016 … are you aware of them all?

We’ve added everything from new colours and finishes, to products with new innovative features, to materials that are just plain easier to work with and install!  Test your product knowledge by reading through the list to see which new products you might have missed out on!  Click on any of the RED links below to access the website pages.

  1. 3M 180mC Coloured Vinyl with Micro Comply Adhesive
  2. 3M 40C-114 Clear Print Film with Controltac & Comply
  3. 3M 7900 Series Reflective Sheeting
  4. 3M 780mC Conformable Reflective Wrap Film with Micro Comply
  5. 3M ColorFlip Wrap Films
  6. 3M Envision 48C-20R & 8048G Laminate
  7. 3M Perfect-It Detail Cloths
  8. 3M Automotive Window Tint Films (4 series)
  9. 3M Paint Protection Films PPF (5 series)
  10. 3M 8900 Colour Shift & Sparkle Laminate
  11. 3M 8900 Brushed & Carbon Fibre Laminate
  12. 3M Dual Lock Outdoor, Dual Lock Indoor & Hook & Loop Fasteners 10’ Packs
  13. Allanson LEDrofit LED Retrofit Products
  14. Allanson Skyline and Custom Colour Skylock Rigid Border Tubing
  15. Allanson LEDGEN2 LED Modules (0.5, 0.75, 1.1watt & Red)
  16. Alumet Aluminum Sign Blanks
  17. Avery ColorFlow Wrap Films
  18. Avery SW 900 Diamond Supreme Wrap Films
  19. Avery 1105 EZ LTR Cast Wraps Films
  20. Avery DOL Z Series 1300, 1400, 1060/1080 Laminates
  21. Avery DOL 6040 Sparkle Laminates
  22. Avery 2630 and 2631 Textured Wall Films
  23. Avery Conform Chrome Color Change Laminates
  24. BannerBrite 23oz Blockout Banner
  25. ContraVision Campaign Bundles with O’Lambrite Optically Clear Laminate
  26. Drytac Polar Transit for Rink Boards and Buses
  27. Drytac SpotOn Clear Matte, Clear Gloss and White
  28. Drytac Reveal Gloss PET Backlit Film
  29. Drytac Reveal Matte PET Backlit Film
  30. Drytac Zippy Cutter & Blades
  31. Drytac Retractable Deluxe Banner Stand
  32. Drytac Retac Textures Sand, Linen and Canvas Wall Films
  33. Drytac Polar Grip
  34. Gerber 17 New Colours
  35. Gerber Sandblast Stencil
  36. Gerber Metal Flake Foil Overlay
  37. Gerber Omega 6 Software Upgrade
  38. GDI Tools Installation Tools for PPF
  39. GDI Tools Installation Tools for Automotive Window Tint
  40. HP 300, 500 and 1500 Series Latex Printers & Ink
  41. Jain Low Density PVC Extruded Board
  42. Kalitec Galvanized Sign Posts
  43. Knifeless PPF Line Tape
  44. Matthews EZ Spray Aerosol Can & Filling Station System
  45. Marabu StarLam Liquid Laminator & Liquid Laminates
  46. Marabu Wall Armor Liquid Laminate for Wall Coverings
  47. Metamark M7 Coloured Vinyl Films
  48. MetaScape MD5A-B Blockout Film
  49. Mondo Mobile Rolling Storage Rack
  50. Neenah Converd Photo Satin
  51. Neenah Relaunch of DigiScape Stick-R Wall Covering
  52. Rollover Blades for Telescopic Cutter
  53. RollePro Application Tool for Rivets
  54. Siser TTD High Tack Mask
  55. Siser Glitter
  56. Siser Brick
  57. Siser ColorPrint Easy
  58. Siser ColorPrint Soft Opaque
  59. Siser EasyWeed Foil — Flexible Silver & Gold
  60. TextileBrite Latex/UV Textiles for Indoor POP/Signage (9 new styles!)
  61. USLED CP360 Cabinet LED Bars
  62. USLED TD3 Modules & Bar Kits
  63. USLED TDX Modules & Retrofit Kits
  64. Visual Magnetics System – InvisiLock
  65. Visual Magnetics System – MagnaMedia

It’s amazing how much change and growth ND Graphics can fit into one single year!! Visit our product pages, or talk to one of our Sales Representatives to find out more information!