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Kalitec DEKO Outdoor Signage Systems

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Jul 28, 2015 08:45pm

Kalitec2Who is Kalitec?

Located in Laval, Signalization Kalitec is a company specializing in high quality outdoor signage and way finding solutions.  Kalitec’s mission is to manufacture a signage system that stands out on the market in its versatility and quality.

What is it?

The Kalitec Deko Post and Panel is a modular, 3-part outdoor signage system comprised of an aluminum pre-cut sign blank combined with a customized post, installed with three different anchor options depending on the installation location. You simply choose, create and install signage in 3 easy steps!
1) Choose your pre-cut sign blank
2) Apply your graphic
3) Choose your anchor

What are the Deko Post and Panel benefits?

  • Kalitec products are made in Canada
  • The Deko Aluminum Post system is manufactured with a high-quality aluminum post with powder coating for a long-life installation.
  • The Deko Aluminum Panels are one sided and completely customizable. They can be installed without the use of specialized tools – all that’s required is a drill, 3/16” drill bit and a screw driver. Each Deko Panel ships complete with the screws required for mounting.
  • There are ten different styles of Deko Panel sign blank to choose from, with two being a cantilever style. For a double sided sign, 2 panels will need to be ordered.
  • The Deko Panels can be covered in reflective sheeting, coloured vinyl, or can be printed directly onto the surface with a UV-cure printer.
  • This system is also usable with other aluminum sign blanks
  • They offer a 5-year warranty

There are 3 different anchor options available:

Temporary and/or Movable Concrete Deck/Patio Block Anchor – the Concrete Deko Post Anchor simply inserts into the hole in the centre of a concrete deck block which can be purchased at Home Depot / Rona etc.  This is the best solution for temporary parking signage, event signage or temporary restrictive access.

Outdoor Permanent Ground Anchor – a metal spike that gets hammered into the ground for a permanent install. This requires a hammer to drive the post into the ground.  Good for long term installation in front of parking spots to denote handicapped and specialized zones, hours of service or no parking signs.

Outdoor Quick Install Ground Anchor – this short aluminum spike can be used for temporary or seasonal signage. This can be inserted into the ground using the pressure of your foot and normal body weight.  A great solution for directional arrows and event signage.

To view the complete system and the options available see here Kalitec Product Line Brochure

To see more on what is available please visit the Kalitec Product Pages