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Drytac Protac AMP Antimicrobial Surface Protection Film

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Oct 09, 2020 01:03pm

Drytac Protac AMP is a 6mil, clear textured matte polyester (PET) surface protection film with an antimicrobial hard coat, incorporating Microban® ZPTech® antimicrobial protection.

Product Specs:

  • 6mil, clear PET
  • Textured, matte finish
  • Permanent adhesive
  • It is durable, cleanable and antimicrobial
  • Film is cuttable on roll-plotters
  • Indoor use, on flat to simple curved surfaces
  • Expected indoor durability: 15 years

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The Important Details:

  • Microban®  ZPTech®  technology is built into the film surface. It becomes part of the structure of the film at a molecular level. It will not wash off or wear away, even if the film is cut
  • When microbes meet the Microban® reservoirs in the film, the cell wall of the microbe is disrupted inhibiting the growth of microorganisms by making them unable to function, grow or reproduce
  • The result is a film surface providing constant additional protection against the spread of microbial contamination
  • The surface is protected from bacterial multiplication for its expected 15 year lifetime, and remains cleaner in-between cleanings
  • Microban® ZPTech® technology is effective against most common bacteria, mold and mildew, including E. coli, MRSA and Staph
  • Every single roll of Protac AMP is tested – TWICE!
  • Every stock roll is independently tested against E. Coli according to ISO 22196:2011, to ensure that Protac AMP meets the efficacy requirement for the product
  • ZPTech® is also approved for use in indirect food contact, as indicated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Why Microban® Protection?

The primary purpose of including Microban in the product is to protect the film itself, and to increase its effective lifetime against attack from mold and mildew. Normal cleaning and sterilization practices should still be adhered to, in order to remove potentially biologically active challenges such as aerosol droplets from breathing etc.

Is Protac AMP effective against COVID-19 virus?
Any product that is effective against a virus (COVID-19) would need to go through a rigorous registration process. The product would then need to be registered as an anti-viral product and it could not be considered as a treated article.  Even if Microban® ZPTech® technology has been tested to be effective against viruses, at present we have no information on the status of that testing. The registration situation would also need to be resolved before any claims could be made.  In the meantime, viruses need to be controlled by cleaning with recommended disinfectants.

How can this film be used?

Protac AMP film is ideal for use indoors, in flat applications, on repeatedly touched surfaces where hygiene is important such as in schools, child care centres, restaurants, retail stores and hospitals.

  • Applicable surfaces include:
  • Counter tops
  • Check out counters
  • Control panels
  • Elevator panels
  • Door plates
  • Switches
  • Push plates
  • Equipment

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