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3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 New Colour Launch

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Oct 16, 2018 03:30pm

Stand out in the crowd. Anything but ordinary, 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 is available in more than 100 colours, to create a distinctive look for your vehicle. Whether you want to wrap the entire vehicle or add accents, this personalization film comes out of the box ready to install. 

The four new 1080 colours, as shown below, are: Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl (1080-GP280), Satin Flip Psychedelic (1080-SP281), Gloss Silver Chrome (1080-GC451), and Shadow Military Green (1080-SB26).


Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl 1080-GP280 A new twist on a new classic! This new finish helps the Psychedelic pigment shine even brighter for your customers.


Satin Flip Psychedelic 1080-SP281 A more muted finish on the most successful Wrap Film launch in 3M history. This product is sure to win over your customers who find Gloss Flip Psychedelic too intense.


Gloss Silver Chrome 1080-GC451 3M’s newest Chrome film that comes in 60” width and industry leading install capability.


Shadow Military Green 1080-SB26 The next evolution of the 2017 hit colour Shadow Black, come Shadow Military Green!