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3M Preferred Installer Training 2019

Posted by Amanda Tucker
Oct 25, 2018 01:00pm

Register today to improve your wrap skills and become a 3M Preferred Installer! There is a strong and growing demand for well-trained graphics installers with the credentials to back them up.

3M and ND Graphics offer you two levels of training to improve your skill set, and 3M Preferred Installer Testing to have your professional skills and status recognized by 3M – a worldwide leader in graphics materials and installation training.


  • VIT (Vehicle Installation Training) – $425 plus applicable taxes
  • AIT (Advanced Installation Training) – $900 plus applicable taxes
  • PIT (Preferred Installer Testing) – $1000 plus applicable taxes

*Please Note: All three courses must be taken in the above order, to complete the program.

AIT and PIT may not be taken back to back. 8-12 months hands on installation experience required between AIT and PIT

** To register for Installer training you must have an account with us. If you do not have an account, please use this form to create one. Your request will be processed within 48 business hours.

**Please read our Cancellation Policy


Branch (Location) 2019 Sessions Dates Registration Forms
Vancouver (Branch) VIT Jan. 7th – Closed
AIT Jan. 8th – 9th – Closed
PIT Jan. 10th & 11th – Closed
Saskatoon (Branch) VIT Feb. 5th – Closed
AIT Feb. 6th & 7th – Closed
Calgary (TBD) VIT Mar. 11th
AIT Mar. 12th & 13th
PIT Mar. 14th & 15th
London (Branch) VIT Mar. 25th
AIT Mar. 26th & 27th
PIT Mar. 28th & 29th
Winnipeg (GBLK Enterprises) VIT April 23rd
AIT April 24th & 25th
Montreal (Branch) VIT May. 6th
AIT May. 7th & 8th
PIT May. 9th & 10th
Edmonton (Branch) VIT May. 27th
AIT May. 28th & 29th – Waiting List
PIT May. 30th & 31st
Toronto (Branch) VIT Jun. 10th
AIT Jun. 11th & 12th
PIT Jun. 13th – 14th
Saskatoon (Branch) VIT Oct. 21st
AIT Oct. 22nd & 23rd
PIT Oct. 24th & 25th
Dartmouth (Branch) VIT Nov. 18th
AIT Nov. 19th & 20th
PIT Nov. 21st & 22nd

Level 1 – Vehicle Installation Training (VIT)

Select 3M Digital Bundles and application tools will be available to VIT and AIT participants at up to 35% discount.

Expert Classroom and Hands-on Vehicle Wrap Specific Training

While this workshop is intended for installers it also benefits sales and marketing staff, design and production employees, as well as owners.

Do it Right the First Time.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid causes of graphics failure
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency

Workshop Focus

  • What it takes to sell & install graphics
  • Understand what films & adhesive to use
  • Build confidence and understanding of products, services and expert demonstration and techniques to ensure successful printing and application
  • Hands-on training

Training Props Include:

  • Full vehicle
  • Sprinter door for deep compound channels
  • Caravan back door for perforated curved window applications

Duration: 1 day
Cost: $425 plus applicable taxes

Level 2 – Advanced Installation Training (AIT)

Select 3M Digital Bundles and application tools will be available to VIT and AIT participants at up to 35% discount.

Classroom review, rigorous hands-on training and practice prepares you for Preferred Installer Testing and increases your confidence

This workshop is intended for installers only who either want to get additional training, or prepare for the Preferred Installer Training.

Take it to the next level.

Following Vehicle Installation Training, it’s time to expand knowledge, improve skills and tackle more complex installations.

Hands-on stations include the following applications surfaces:

  • Rough textured brick & block
  • Floor graphics
  • Smooth Walls
  • Smooth rivet trailer panels
  • Corrugated rivet trailer panels
  • Sprinter door full coverage
  • Proper use of 3M Wall Test Kit
  • Caravan back door window
  • Caravan back door lower panel (perforated)
  • HHR rear 1/4 panel, door and window (reflective)
  • HHR front fender and door

Duration: 2 day
Cost: $900 plus applicable taxes
Pre-requisite: VIT within 18 months of AIT workshop

Level 3 – Preferred Installer Testing (PIT)

Includes hands-on test and written test, including: vehicle wraps, boat wraps (written only), trailers, smooth walls, textured surfaces and floor graphics and perforated windows graphics.

This exam is intended for installers who have taken the AIT, gained significant experience and want to qualify as a 3M Preferred Installer.

Gain credibility, visibility and promotion

Benefits of 3M Preferred Installer Status:

  • A listing on the 3M website as a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer to help you generate new leads
  • Validated technical skills and knowledge
  • Exclusive use of 3M Preferred Graphics Installer tile and logo
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer photo ID card
  • Two 3M Preferred Graphics Installer shirts

Duration: 2 days
Cost: $1000 plus applicable taxes
Pre-requisite: VIT & AIT

Note: Attending this class does not guarantee a pass.

**Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with more than 8 business days prior to training will be refunded 100% of cost

Cancellations made between 7-2 business days prior to training will be refunded 50% of cost

No refunds for cancellations made less than 24 hours