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2018 New Product Review

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Dec 24, 2018 11:35am

At ND Graphics we work hard to stay ahead of industry trends and to bring you the newest materials, equipment and product information.We also print and test every new product to put it through it’s paces before it gets launched to you. There were over 67 new products, brands, line extensions and colour additions that were launched during 2018!!

Have a look and see what’s new, learn about a new product or find that perfect material to finish your project. There is something new here for everyone!


  1. 3M Scotchgard 944 PRO Matte Paint Protection Film
  2. 3M 1080 Chrome Wrap Film
  3. 3M 1080 Wrap Film New Colours
  4. ASLAN CA 23MetalEffect Metalized Film
  5. ASLAN CA 24 MetalColour Metalized Film
  6. ASLAN CB 90 Gloss & CB 75 Clearbaord Matte Dry Erase Overlaminate
  7. ASLAN DFL 210 PrintMilky Dry Apply Printable Window Etch Film
  8. ASLAN DPF 25 WindowBlock Double Side Removable Film
  9. ASLAN DFP 33 Print n’ Go Floor Graphic
  10. ASLAN EL 300 Etchboard Dry Apply Window Etch
  11. ASLAN FF 480 Ferrosoft Print PSA Magnetic Receptive
  12. ASLAN FF 550 Ferrosoft PSA DryErase Whiteboard
  13. ASLAN IL 351 Illustra Snow Printable Decorative Window Film
  14. ASLAN SE 50 MetalLux Matte Metalized Film
  15. ASLAN SE 75 Gold & Silver MirrorEffect Anti-Scratch Metalized Film
  16. ASLAN SL 109 Ecosoft Touch Ultra-Matte Overlaminate
  17. Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film – 5 New Colours
  18. Avery Dennison HP 750 High Performance Calendared Cut-Coloured Vinyl
  19. Avery Dennison SC 950 Cast Cut-Coloured Vinyl
  20. Avery Dennison Beaded Engineering Grade Reflective V2000
  21. Avery Dennison High Visibility Grade Reflective V4000 (Permanent & Removable)
  22. Avery Dennison ViziFlex Prismatic Grade Reflective V8000
  23. Contra Vision Daytime Privacy Film
  24. Contra Vision HD 60/40 Perforated Window Film
  25. Drytac Optitac Optically Clear Moutning Film (Permanent over Removable)
  26. Drytac Optitac Carrier Free Mounting Film
  27. Drytac Polar Burst Ultra-Reflective Satin Film
  28. Drytac Polar Poly Clear Removable Film
  29. Drytac Polar Poly Smooth 150 Removable Wall Film
  30. Drytac Reveal PET Backlit Film Matte for Solvent
  31. Drytac SpotOn Floor Print & Go Floor Graphic
  32. Drytac ViziPrint PET Deco Scratch Resist Optically Clear Window Film
  33. Royson Dreamscape Wallcovering Adhesive and Primer
  34. SQUID PVC-Free, Pressure Sensitive Window Textiles


  1. Siser BlackBoard HTV for Dry Chalk
  2. Siser New Glitter Colours
  3. Siser New Easyweed Colours
  4. Siser New Easyweed Electric Colours


  1. Gerber Matte Blue, Non-Transfer Void Material
  2. Gerber Thermal Transfer (HTV) Material
  3. Gerber FX & GC Spot Colours
  4. Gerber 220 Easy Apply PSA Material


  1. FOREVER IC Split Software for Toner Thermal Transfer
  2. FOSTER Heat Knife for Cutting Textile
  3. FOSTER Excalibur 3S Economical Vertical Cutter
  4. FOSTER All-A-Board Lifter & Rigid Materials Mover
  5. HP R 1000 Latex Flatbed Printer
  6. Mimaki LUS-170 Clear Ink for use in UCJV300 Series
  7. SAI FlexiPRINT Authorized 3M Traffic Edition for HP 360/365 Printers


  1. Allanson Mico Mini LED Module
  2. Allanson LEDGEN2 7000K Economy Module
  3. Allanson LEDGEN2 White & Coloured Modules
  4. Allanson SPEEDLamp 120-277V T12 HO LED Lamps
  5. Current Powered by GE Contour LED Neon Replacement System
  6. Current Powered by GE EdgeStrip 24V LED Strips
  7. Current Powered by GE NB2000 T12 LED Lamps
  8. Current Powered by GE PowerMax 24V LED Modules
  9. Current Powered by GE PowerStrip 24V LED Strips
  10. Current Powered by GE 12V & 24V Power Supplies
  11. Current Powered by GE TetraMini LED Modules
  12. Current Powered by GE TetraMax LED Modules
  13. Current Powered by GE TetraMS Micro System LED Modules
  14. Matthews MeasureColor Colour Reading Device
  15. USLED LinearStar Outdoor LED Fixture
  16. USLED PointXL LED Modules
  17. USLED SaverXL LED Modules
  18. USLED TDXL LED Modules