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2015 New Products – A Year in Review

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Dec 22, 2015 04:39pm

TipsNTrendsInnovation drives change, and ND Graphics strives to bring you the best of the newest brands and products in the industry. It is amazing how much change we can fit into a single year!

Below is a clickable list of the new products and brands that we launched during 2015, are you aware of them all?



Cut/Colour Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

  1. 3M 1080 Wrap films new colours from ranging Black Rose to Raspberry Fizz
  2. Avery SW900 Wrap Film new colours ranging from Matte Metallic Yellow Green to Matte Emerald
  3. Metamark 600T Coloured Translucent Films for Light Boxes – 16 new colours

Digital Print Medias

  1. 3M Envision SV480 and LX480 PVC Free Wrap and Textured Surface Films
  2. 3M 40C – no longer called IJ. Now with ControlTac and Comply
  3. 3M IJ39 High Tack Vinyl for Low Surface Energy Substrates
  4. Contra Vision Campaign 1 Year Perf in 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, 80/20 Transparencies
  5. Drytac Polar Economy PSA in Permanent and Removable
  6. Drytac ViziPrint SEL and UV Clear and White Window Films
  7. Drytac ViziPrint Illuminate Latex/UV
  8. Drytac Eclipse Blockout Banner and Display Films 5 different versions
  9. Drytac Retac Wall Ultra-Repositionable Vinyl
  10. Drytac SilkScape Retractable Banner Stand Media
  11. Drytac Chalkmate Black Chalkboard Vinyl
  12. Drytac Reveal PET Backlit Film
  13. Drytac Floortac Floor Graphic Film
  14. Drytac Ferro Magnet Compatible Media
  15. Fibermark DigiScape 260 Stick-R Smooth — now a smooth finish no longer textured
  16. Jessup Asphalt Art / ClearWalk and TexWalk Floor Graphic Medias
  17. Lintec PET Window Films – 5 different versions
  18. MetaScape MDX 7 year Media Bundle of base and laminate
  19. Metamark MD5 Clear and White 7 year Polymeric Films – Laminate white MD5 with the clear MD5!
  20. MetaScape Printable Frost and Silver Etch Air Egress Window Films
  21. Metamark MD3-B Calendared Film
  22. MetaScape MD3A-B Air Egress Calendared Film
  23. Metamark MDH High Tack Calendared Film
  24. Siser ColourPrint Easy PU printable transfer material

Over Laminates & Mounting Adhesives

  1. 3M Envision 8549L and 8548G PVC Free Laminates
  2. Avery SW900 Diamond Supreme Wrap Films
  3. Drytac Clarion Economy O/L in Matte/Lustre/Gloss
  4. Drytac Interlam Pro UV Series Matte/Lustre/Gloss/Emerytex– for use over UV ink and also FDA approved for incidental food contact!
  5. Drytac Interlam Pro Anti-Graffiti /Dry Erase 7 year Outdoor O/L
  6. Drytac Wipe Out Premium Dry Erase O/L
  7. Drytac Scribe Economy Dry Erase O/L
  8. Drytac WindowTac – Air egress double side mounting adhesive
  9. Drytac FaceMount – Optically clear double side mounting adhesive
  10. Drytac MultiTac White and Clear – permanent mounting adhesives
  11. Drytac Retac Duo Perm/Remo – double sided mounting adhesive
  12. Drytac MHL Low Temperature  O/L
  13. Drytac MHL Standard Temperature Thermal O/L
  14. MetaGuard 305 2.8mil Gloss O/L
  15. MetaGuard MGX Bundle Laminate

Electrical Products

  1. Allanson Addressable RGB Modules
  2. Allanson LEDGEN 1Watt 5000K Warm White
  3. Allanson LEDGEN 1Watt 6500K Cool White
  4. Allanson StormTight 1Watt and 3Watt LED Modules
  5. Allanson LED Very Low Profile (VLP) Modules
  6. Allanson LED Low Profile Modules
  7. Allanson LED Saber Sign Cabinet and Wall Washer System
  8. Allanson LED Slide II Light Box System
  9. Allanson Skyline Rigid Border Tubing & Accessories
  10. Allanson LED Power Supplies from 12V to 347V step-down
  11. Allanson Neon Self Adjusting Transformers
  12. Allanson Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts
  13. Lumenergie EZLED 60W Power Supply
  14. Lumenergie LED Ribbon/Strip Lighting – Indoor or outdoor versions
  15. USLED LED TD1 Channel Letter Modules
  16. USLED LED TD3 Lightbox Modules
  17. USLED LED Point3 LED Modules
  18. USLED LED Saver3 LED Modules
  19. USLED LED Tadpole Mini Modules in white and colours
  20. USLED LED RightLight RBG Modules
  21. USLED LED RightLight Coloured Modules
  22. USLED LED PosterBrite Sticks
  23. USLED LED Tamdem2 Lightbox Bars
  24. USLED LED Whip and Quick Connector Jumper Wires
  25. USLED Philips Advance LED Power Supplies from 12V to 347V step-down

New Equipment

  1. Agfa Anapurna Second Generation “i” models (M2050i, M2500i, M2540i FB)
  2. Mimaki CG130SRIII 54” low cost plotter
  3. Seiko changed to OKIData; launch of H3 grand format printer (only 104”, no 74” option available) and discontinuation of H2 Models
  4. Siser Heat Presses – 3 different models and a cap press
  5. Spike Laser Measurement Device
  6. Summa F2630 wider format digital die cutter
  7. Rollover Flexi Application Table
  8. Rollover’s Flatbed Applicators now offer a 5-Year Warranty

Non-Printable Products, Tapes, Tools and Banner Stands

  1. 3M Paint Protection Films – 948Pro, 848, 849 Door Edge Guard and SPF 846
  2. 3M Dual Lock Strong and Dual Lock Low Profile 10foot Retail Packs
  3. 3M Hook and Loop 10foot Retail Pack
  4. 3M #20 Light Duty and #27 Heavy Duty Spray Adhesives
  5. 3M RP45F VHB 4.5mil Tape – Now with a new synthetic red liner
  6. 3M RP16F VHB 1.6ml Tape – Thinner product compared to RP45
  7. 3M 9415, 9416 and 9425 Repositionable Double Coat Tapes
  8. 3M DP100 1:1 Clear Structural Bonding Adhesive
  9. 3M DP105 2:1 Clear Structural Bonding Adhesive
  10. Avery Supreme Wrap Vinyl Spray Protectant and 2 Different Spray Cleaners
  11. Drytac BannerBug Premium Banner Stands – with Lifetime Guarantee
  12. Drytac Boost Economy Banner Stand
  13. Drytac Boost Deluxe Premium Banner Stand
  14. Drytac Retract II Banner Stand
  15. Drytac Grandstand Banner Stand
  16. Drytac Shop Tools and Accessories – over 15 different types
  17. Gerber 210 Dusted Crystal and Frosted Window Vinyl
  18. Nazdar Printer Inks – 5 new series added
  19. Plasticade Metropolitan and Billboard Plastic A-Frames