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Drytac ChalkMate – Versatile chalkboard signage wherever you need it.

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Jul 16, 2015 07:49pm
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Say your business is looking to design some kind of chalkboard-based signage project. It might take on a couple of different forms. Perhaps you’re looking to make a more permanent sign such as a menu board or sandwich board but you want it to have that chalkboard look to it. Alternatively, maybe you want to provide an actual chalkboard that people can use, leaving their own messages and drawings in chalk for others to see.

For any such specialty project, you’ll want to begin with the right material. For this, you’ll need the ChalkMate product from Drytac, the adhesive coating experts.

ChalkMate is a 5 mil durable PVC film that comes with a traditional jet-black chalkboard finish. You can use it as a board for people to write on with standard chalk, or you can go the more durable route and use liquid chalk markers, which are tougher to erase as they require water for removal.

ChalkMate can be installed on most smooth, flat surfaces and can be used for a variety of applications. Let’s explore all the possibilities.

The benefits of ChalkMate

The beauty of ChalkMate is that it can be used for a variety of indoor signage projects.

For example, it can be put to good use by any business looking to display temporary messaging on sleek-looking signs that have that chalkboard feel. A restaurant can post its specials, or a retailer can advertise exciting sales using engaging, visually pleasing signs.

You can also use ChalkMate for bigger and more elaborate projects. Perhaps your establishment wants to feature a large wall graphic or a mural. Maybe you’d like to have a big chalkboard that customers can write and draw on, giving them an outlet to express their creativity. A chalkboard is perfect for that.

How to use ChalkMate

Depending on your project, a couple of different ChalkMate options are available.

One is for more permanent applications. It comes with a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. This is best used in fixture applications – i.e., projects where you want to create long-lasting graphics that have that chalkboard feel without being removed.

On the other hand, if you want a simple chalkboard for a short-term application, that can be arranged as well. The other variant of ChalkMate features ReTac  ultra-removable adhesive technology, which is perfect for creating impromptu chalkboards.

Both have their uses. If you’re looking to make unique chalkboard-style graphical designs for your business, there’s a ChalkMate product that will work for you.




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