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See it to believe it:

Create a lasting impression with the Dimensor printer by VEIKA. As an innovator in the wallpaper and wallpaper print materials industry VEIKA offers forward thinking, creative solutions aligned with a vision of sustainability.

What It Is:

This innovative, wide format printer allows you to do what no other can; print completely customized 3D textured designs. As the first printer to print colours and create structure simultaneously when used in conjunction with Dimense Ink and Media, it offers a unique experience and result that can be used to convey expression, create texture, and promote differentiation. Built on Dimense technology, the Dimensor system is C1 fire rated and uses environmentally friendly print materials.


The Dimensor Printer prides itself on its unique structure formation, digital print and structure in one step, in addition to using eco-friendly materials.

Best For:

This printer complements the needs of those looking to add another dimension to their value proposition with wallpaper solutions such as feature/accent walls in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or retail settings. Though the media is ideal for wallpaper applications, it can also be used for creative packaging and roll ups.

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Dimensor S Printer:

  • Prints up to 20 m2/hr (215 ft2/hr) speed
  • Output can be up to 30 m2/hr (323 ft2/hr) in embossing only mode
  • Processing RIP: Caldera
  • Embossing resolution: 0,2-0,5 mm in height (8-20 mil). Up to 1 mm (39 mil) structure

Dimense Print Media:

  • PVC-free media
  • Non-woven backing layer
  • Available in matte, pearlescent, gold & silver finishes
  • Material width up to 1,6 m (63″) wide
  • Total material weight 250-330 g/m2

Dimense Proprietary Latex Inks:

  • Water based, latex ink set
  • C,M,Y,K + structural ink
  • High light fastness
  • Extra washable and scratch resistant
  • Low odour and low emission