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Deck The Halls and Do Some Marketing

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Nov 24, 2011 05:00pm
Posted in: Quick Tips

The Holiday Season is Right Around the Corner

SantaYou’ve probably found that business typically starts to slow this time of year. While that’s not so great for cash flow, it does present a nice little opportunity to work on plans for next year – and provides some breathing room to get creative with your marketing.

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Ashura, Kwaanza – or Festivus – consider welcoming customers with a festive lobby display that highlights your creative chops, and that features products and services you want to promote.

For example:

Last year, I took the opportunity to design and produce “Santa” themed graphics for our lobby. I placed one large display one, 4ft x 5ft, on an easel stand purchased at Ikea, and surrounded it with smaller 18” and 24” Santa prints on 3 or 4 different boards that we sell – branded samples for customers and visitors to take.  I’d lay out about 10 or 12 of these prints at a time, and there were days where all 10 or 12 of them would go throughout the course of the day.

Get Creative!

Your own samples could be designed so that your customers would want to display them in their own lobbies. Or you could create sample packs that feature a promotional offer on each sample to stimulate sales December, January and February – months that (as you know) are notoriously slow in the sign industry. The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity.

Send us a photo!

If you’re the type that gets filled with the holiday spirit and likes to go all out, we would love to feature a photo of your lobby in a future post. And if your holiday display results in a lift in business, we would love to hear about that too.  Drop us line!

Good luck. Get festive. And get promoting!

Santa image courtesy of Joybot, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Generic 2.0


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