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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 8 – Awesome Interactive Floorgraphics!

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Nov 12, 2012 12:47pm
Posted in: Augmented Reality

So far we’ve looked at 7 great applications and videos for Augmented Reality, be sure to check them all out!

Day 8 – Get people Engaged with Interactive Floorgraphics!

In a visually overwhelming area like Times Square, companies have to work hard for their ads to stand out. That’s why Disney decided on this larger than life Augmented Reality ad featuring all our favourite Disney characters, to promote their theme parks. When people stand on the printed floorgraphic, they can watch themselves appear on the giant digital billboard across the street, and interact with an Augmented Reality projection of one of the familiar characters! Disney’s fun and entertaining campaign combines the right amount of Times Square flash with just a hint of nostalgia to make it unforgettable!

Make Sure they Stand Up to Heavy Foot Traffic!

Floorgraphics that encourage high volumes of foot traffic like this need to last! We suggest trying the Neschen Floor Graphic Application Kit which contains everything you need to install high quality, durable graphics. More great choices are Avery MPI 6121 Street Graphics Film for outdoor applications or 3M IJ162-10 Controltac Graphic Vinyl for indoors.


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