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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 3 – Dynamic Business Cards and CVs!

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Nov 03, 2012 11:23am
Posted in: Augmented Reality

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out yesterday’s post: Day 2 – Moving Billboards to see how with a little bit of Augmented Reality, ordinary Billboard ads made people stop in their tracks.

Day 3 – Make Yourself Memorable with Augmented Reality Business Cards and CVs!

With so much competition out there in the job market, standing out can be a challenge. That’s why UK job search engine teamed up with David Woods (co-founder of Symbian) to create an Augmented Reality CV that would capture attention and demonstrate the jobseeker’s creativity as well as their experience. In the video, David shares a bit of his life story, focusing on past work experience and making it engaging by using interesting animation and dividing the video into short segments. What’s more, the black box trigger for David’s video CV is printed on the back of a business card, making it both fun and convenient to carry around!

It isn’t always easy to communicate all of your skills, personality and experience using the traditional one page CV, but with a little AR you can expand upon your static CV, making any extra content interesting, fun to watch and easily digestible.

Step outside the box with a different kind of business card

Try using up the extra materials you have left in the shop to create cool business cards, that people will remember. Print your cards on leftover digital materials or substrates to help them stand out. Combined with a little Augmented Reality, your cool new business cards will have people talking, helping you stay first in mind!

Stay Tuned!

Check back Monday for Day 4 – Outstanding Sports Apparel!


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