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Converd – Have You Heard?

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Jul 23, 2012 01:32pm
Posted in: Green Solutions

“Going Green”  and “Eco-friendly” seem to be the ultimate buzz words lately, and it’s a trend that’s being embraced by retail stores, companies, corporations, institutions, organizations and environmentally conscious people everywhere. What’s more, the “Let’s-All-Save-the-Earth” attitude doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – it’s here to stay.

Converd logoThe overall “greening” of the digital sign industry is something that we’ve been following fairly closely here at ND Graphics, and we can’t deny that increasingly customers are looking for both cost-effective and environmentally friendly products. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “tree hugger,” you may find it worthwhile to be able to offer green alternatives to your environmentally conscious customers, without compromising on the quality of the final product.

Enter the Converd line of completely renewable, reusable and sustainable print media. Now, we’ve been interested in Converd since they made a splash at Sign Expo 2012 in Orlando when ISA announced they’d be printing all of their signage on Converd products, and they have yet to disappoint. Not only do these products offer a paper alternative to petroleum based products, but they’re FSC and Rainforest Alliance (RAC) Certified, made with 10% PCW (post-consumer waste) and 100% recyclable. By “recyclable” we don’t mean that you can send printed material back to the manufacturer or a specialized recycling company. You can literally just throw it into your regular recycling bin!

The bottom line, is the bottom line.

Most importantly though, they’re affordable. Really. The biggest obstacle to date when it comes to greener products has always been the cost; customers are interested in eco-friendly alternatives, but aren’t willing to fork out the extra cash. The reason we’re so excited about Converd is that they’ve managed to create a great quality, environmentally friendly product, that’s also cost effective!

Converd board

Converd Board

 Take a look at what this great line has to offer:


Hanging Signage, POP, Window Signage and More with Converd Board

 Converd Board is a bright white rigid print media that’s environmentally sustainable and fully recyclable, and can be directly printed via flatbed digital UV, or used as a laminating board for offset or roll to roll signage. Use it as a green solution for hanging signage, indoor POP displays, window signage and much more!


Converd GreenLight Plus!


GreenLight Plus! for Backlit Signs

Converd’s green solution to backlit poster media, GreenLight Plus! Is a recyclable poster paper engineered to provide maximum image definition, colour fidelity and uniform translucency in backlit poster systems. It’s a great alternative to use for bus shelters, mall kiosks, retail signage and other backlit and frontlit displays.

Converd EnviroScape Mural at Chipotle

Converd EnviroScape Mural Plus!

Wall Graphics using Enviroscape Mural Plus!  

Looking for a PVC-free wall or window scaping product that’s easy to install and remove? EnviroScape Mural Plus! is a high performance, dimensionally stable wall and window scape material with a water-activated adhesive backing so it’s easy, clean and quick to install and remove.

Blox-Lite Banners

Blox-Lite is an 100% Opaque, and moisture resistant banner material that’s printable on both sides. It’s recyclable and made with 10% PCW, making it ideal as a green solution to hanging signage, banners, posters, POP and window displays.



Converd Blox-Lite

Converd Blox-Lite

“Going Green” has never been easier!

With such a range of high quality, affordable and price comparable solutions that don’t require a shred of sacrifice, why wouldn’t you jump on the “Eco-Friendly” band wagon and offer green alternatives to your customers? Not only will you be attracting a growing number of earth-conscious consumers, but you may be helping to save the planet at the same time.





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