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Colour Trends: Automotive, Spaces, Places and Signage

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Feb 01, 2016 04:04pm
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Written by: Graphics Solutions, Avery Dennison in

Color – it reflects more than light. It picks up cultural changes and sociological shifts, resonating a wide range of emotions and moods that both define the desirable and represent what’s real in a constantly changing world.

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So it’s no surprise that color is key to the Graphics business.  It’s a big part of how people feel about vehicles, react to architectural spaces and respond to signage. As a result, while we’re not color experts, we’ve spent some time gathering info on what’s hot and what’s not in color for 2016. We’ve researched the trends in car brands, paint, fashion and home decor to help us keep our products aligned and ahead of global color and texture trends. Here’s what we’re seeing for the coming year.

Automotive Color Trends

Globally, neutrals are forecasted to remain in the driver’s seat, with white dominating. This trend changes slightly in North America, with increasing use of sparkle effects – good news for our new line of Diamond Supreme Wraping Films – a growing interest in blue and a sustaining interest in ever-popular red. Interestingly, in response to the continued demand for color innovation in automotive coatings, PPG has introduced more than 60 exterior shades to vehicle OEMs for consideration in styling the 2016-2017 model year.

Color Trends for Spaces, Places, and Signage

Architects, specifiers and designers will take inspiration from these paint color trends:

  • Colors that remind us to turn off the world and unplug, including warmer grays, khaki and blushed neutrals.
  • Bright, vibrant, optimistic colors that speak of oceans  and far-stretching skies.
  • Dense red, blue-green, yellow, yellow-green and black reinvent the traditional.
  • Inspired by a rebirth of manufacturing, today’s doers are connecting with olive and denim, dusky wools, and brass.
  • Clean, sharp colors taken from nature that reflect a luminescent quality with brighter finishes – like our Sparkle Digital Overlaminate 6040 for digitally printed graphics.

Stand-Alone Colors

… adding standout impact everywhere, including P.O.P displays. These colors – navy, purple, brownish black and red – will be the go-to colors in the next twelve months.

Textures and Patterns

Animal patterning, earth-colored metallics, black and white graphics and abstract mirror reflective designs are taking texture and pattern into high gear for 2016/17.

Watch for them in vehicle wraps as installers are inspired to do things differently.


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