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Cheap Vehicle Wraps

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Sep 06, 2011 09:46am
Posted in: Offcuts

“Your competition will wrap my van for half that price.”

The worst part is it might even be true. Probably is. Your stomach sinks a little, then you find yourself bristling with frustration. You try to hide it.

Educating The Customer…

Your efforts to respond by explaining the value of using the best materials, the value of effective advertising design, and the value of professional installation are met with a blank stare.

“Yes… but your competitor will still do it for half the price.”

Frustrated, you think about throwing this schmuck out of your shop. Or calling up that low-balling-so-and-so and chewing them out. Or subbing the job out to them. “How did something with as much marketing value as custom vehicle wraps become so commoditized?”, you wonder. It’s enough to make a fella hit the bottle. Hard.

Sounding All-To-Familiar?

We plan to tackle this issue in a future post, or posts… But in the meantime, CheapVehicleWrap.com might just put a smile back on your face. I applaud these guys for their bold, tongue-in-cheek approach, and hope they get some business as a result.

Next steps:

The next time you’re in the same situation, consider opening www.cheapvehiclewrap.com to review with the customer. “Can I show you something? Here’s a website that shows what happens when you get a vehicle wrapped on the cheap. It costs you more in the end. You’ll wind up paying for two wraps – but not before prospective customers see the wrap and decide not to take your company seriously. If you’re interested in saving money, let me tell you about how to get better value…”


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