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Celebrating the service of ND Graphics’ many long-term employees

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Mar 03, 2015 03:28pm
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At ND Graphics, we pride ourselves on building a staff that’s helpful, knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Luckily, experience is one thing we have in spades. Our team includes a large Celebrating-the-service-of-ND-Graphics-many-longterm-employees_1847_40037600_0_14112605_500number of employees who have stuck around for a long time and become distinguished experts in the field.

We recently celebrated a number of employee milestones at ND Graphics, as many of our team members have been with the company now for five years, 10 or even far longer. All of these individuals were honoured at our recent Employee Service Awards.

Now celebrating five years with ND Graphics are Greg Potts, Randy Janes, Danny Naud, Dino Riverso, Alain Ouimet, Paul McFarlane and Philippe Dionne. Celebrating 10 years are Gaetan Guerin, Keri Tremblay, Scott Morgan, Salma Esmail, Donny Davies, Jorge Faria and Anna Isaac. With 15 years of experience at the company are Sue Walton, Geoff Flack, Rod Sabourin, Sue Tucker.

A decade and a half is a long time, but there are still many more ND Graphics employees with even more experience. Allyson Zeitz and Ling Wu can now proudly say they’ve been with the company for 20 years. Seven employees – Ray Walklett, Martine Boulanger, Mark West, Chantal Nelson, Fred Elkins, Angie Puma and Amber Quankep – can boast 25 years. Finally, our three longest tenured team members are Bob Mann, now with 30 years of experience, and Pushpa Ramdas and John Campbell, each with 40.

We mention all of these long-tenured employees not just to toot our own horn. The real takeaway from all this is that having experienced staff members should lead to many benefits for you, the customer. When you partner with a business, it’s important to have experienced people on hand with the expert knowledge to help you find what you’re looking for. Even if you’re making a purchase and your sales rep is new, there’s no doubt someone experienced right around the corner that they can lean on for help.

That’s the kind of company culture we have at ND Graphics. We have a great team in place – everyone works well together, and people take pride in helping one another. In turn, this helpful spirit should spread to others, including you. Our goal is to take all that wisdom we’ve accumulated over the years and pass it on. This is yet another way that ND Graphics works to put the customer first.


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