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ND Tips & Trends (Nov 12)

Nov 12, 2012 03:26pm
Posted in: Tips & Trends

Consolidated news and top trends from industry publications ... all in one place! Digital Billboards to Dominate Toronto Highway - Montreal-based Astral Out-of-Home has announced plans to add six ...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 8 – Awesome Interactive Floorgraphics!

Nov 12, 2012 12:47pm
Posted in: Augmented Reality

So far we’ve looked at 7 great applications and videos for Augmented Reality, be sure to check them all out! Day 8 – Get people Engaged with Interactive Floorgraphics! In a visually overwhelming a...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 7 – Shop Online Risk-Free!

We've already explored 6 great Augmented Reality applications. Be sure to read days 1 - 6 to see more! Day 7 – Try Before you buy with an AR Online Shopping Experience One o...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 6 – Engaging Museum Exhibits

Don't forget to check out days 1 - 5 for more great Augmented Reality videos! Day 6 – Experience What it Would be like to Walk Among the Dinosaurs with AR Museum Exhibits Bori...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 5 – Virtual Destination Tours!

We've already gone through 4 days of Augmented Reality applications. Be sure to check them out! Day 5 – Experience Your Dream Vacation with an Augmented Reality Virtual Destina...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 4 – Outstanding Sports Apparel!

So far on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 we looked at a few ways that companies have applied Augmented Reality to static images in order to get people to engage with their brands.  Nike...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 3 – Dynamic Business Cards and CVs!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out yesterday's post: Day 2 - Moving Billboards to see how with a little bit of Augmented Reality, ordinary Billboard ads made people st...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 2 – Moving Billboards!

If you haven’t yet, check out the first post from our Augmented Reality applications series:  Day 1 – “The Window Shop” Day 2 – Stop People in their Tracks with Augmented Real...

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Ten Days of Augmented Reality: Day 1 – "The Window Shop"

Augmented Reality is popping up everywhere, adding a whole new dimension to the world around us. Over the next 10 days, we’ll share the top 10 videos we’ve found that feature so...

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Augmented reality game

Augmented Reality: Bring Your Prints to Life!

At this year's Consac-Imagemakers 2012 everyone was floored by demonstrations of Augmented Reality, using a free app and images by String Augmented Reality! In this multi-p...

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