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Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Supercast Series Tips and Tricks

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Dec 07, 2016 01:45pm
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Written by: David Timmerman, Regional Technical Specialist, Graphics Solutions, Avery Dennison on

MPI 1105 Supercast series is the next generation of digital Supercast film and is a premium gloss opaque vinyl designed for use in fleet marking, vehicle and boat wraps as well as corporate identity applications. The MPI 1105 Supercast series provides superior conformability to irregular surfaces such as compound curves and corrugations. MPI 1105 Supercast series has been formulated for reliable print performance across all digital platforms – latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV.


MPI 1105 Supercast Series

Tips to Achieve Beautiful Digitally Printed Graphics

  • The MPI 1105 Supercast series must be laminated with either DOL 1000Z series, 1300Z series, 1460Z gloss, DOL 6460 gloss urethane or DOL 6040 gloss sparkle. Using these laminates will insure your full durability stated in the Avery Dennison Media Selector Guide and product data sheets.
  • MPI 1105 Supercast series ICC color profiles are available in many printer and RIP combinations. It is very important that the correct profile be used with the MPI 1105 Supercast series. They are available on the Avery Dennison website. Search the database by following the search fields listing the printer manufacturer, printer model, ink type and ink setup. You can also enter the RIP manufacturer and media you are searching for.
  • If you find that the printer/ink/RIP combination you are searching for does not have a MPI 1105 Supercast series profile please click on the link “Request the profiles you need” and follow the steps to submit a profile request through the Avery Dennison profile page.
  • If you choose to use your own profile created by your shop or an existing profile not specific to the MPI 1105 Supercast series please be cautioned that total ink loads in excess of 250% may cause increased initial adhesion of the printed film and cause the laminate to not bond well to the ink surface causing lamination separation while installing.
    Double check your RIP has the customized MPI 1105 Supercast series profile that has been optimized specifically for the media and total ink load.

Don’t delay in using the new MPI 1105 Supercast series. Your applications will stand above the rest with vibrant printed graphics and colors that pop more than the competing products out in the market today.

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