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An Easy Way to Keep Track of Wrap Tools

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Sep 11, 2015 06:48pm
Posted in: Quick Tips

Written by: Molly Waters, Technical Specialist, Avery Dennison, Graphics Solutions on

How do you keep track of your tools when doing a wrap install?  The basic tools consisting of a squeegee and a knife are fairly easy to keep track of on their own, however when you start adding all of the other important tools and then the specialty tools available it is possible to fill up a tool belt.

In my early days, I tried to stay away from using a tool belt just because I didn’t like having it around my waist.  Later, I learned it was a lot easier to keep track of my tools if I had a designated place to put them between uses. Knowing where the tools are also helps make an installation more efficient because I don’t have to stop and look for them, they’re easily accessible in the belt.

So, what’s in my toolbelt? The Avery Dennison Tool Kit (item # XD9267) includes a selection of Avery Dennison Tools packed in one gift box; tool belt, application glove, white knife with a break-away blade, blue felt edge squeegee, two magnets and snitty. Each tool is designed to make an installer’s life a little easier.

Accessory Tool Kit and Belt

Tool Belt – One neat feature of the tool belt is that it has a metal plate built into it so the two magnets can be attached for easy access.

Application Glove – This is handy for those areas where you want to use your hands to apply.  The fabric of the glove lets your finger slide easily across the film.  Application glove item number Z1072.

White Plastic Knife – The knife with break away blade comes with the sharper angled (30 degree) blades that can be broken away for a fresh edge. White plastic knife item number Z1062.

Blue Felt Edge Squeegee – This squeegee is gaining momentum in our industry.  I see it used by installers on a daily basis.  It is a high quality blue colored nylon squeegee with a felt edge applied to aid in scratch free application.  This squeegee is fairly rigid and works great on most parts of a vehicle wrap or the wide open spaces of a trailer wrap or wall wrap. We have a softer red squeegee that I will discuss next month.  Blue felt edge squeegee item number Z1058.

Magnets – These Super Strong Magnets come as a set of 2.  They are a great aid to holding and positioning graphics on a substrate. The strong magnetic pull can replace the need for masking tape to hold the graphics in place on steel surfaces.  Magnet item number Z1063.

Snitty – This tool is useful as a mini-slitting tool.  You can cut film from the roll quickly and easily.  It can also be used to help trim graphic panels while they are positioned on the vehicle.  The snitty blade is not exposed so you don’t have to worry about the nicking the paint with the tip of the knife blade.  Snitty item number Z1060.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these Avery Dennison tool kits, please contact your distributor and reference item number XD9267. Even if the kits are not in stock at your distributor they can order them.  For convenience, I have also included the individual item numbers for each of the tools listed above.

Next month, I will discuss some of the other tools offered by Avery Dennison.

Happy Wrapping!


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