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What you might not know about 3M products…

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Jan 22, 2014 04:56pm
Posted in: Offcuts

3M-Brick-WallProduct Recommendations for Specific Applications

Cold Weather – For application outdoors in temperatures of up to -2 degrees, always look to a changeable adhesive. Our choice is 3M 3500C Controltac Changeable Film with Comply.

Drywall and Plywood installs – 3500C Controltac Changeable Film with Comply.

Longer Term Bus Wraps IJ3552C Controltac Changeable Vinyl with Comply and  8518 Scotchcal Gloss Overlaminate.

Bus Wraps with NO Lamination – 3500C Controltac Changeable Film with Comply.

Matte Graffiti Resistant Laminate – 3642-114 Scotchcal Matte Overlaminate (the only MATTE anti-graffiti on the market!)


Double Side (Push/Pull) Window Decals for UV-cure – FP032302 with reverse printed IJ61 Changeable Window Film 

Outdoor Sidewalks (…and plastic, drywall and plywood)  – 3662-10 Scotchcal Sidewalk Vinyl and 3647 Scotchcal Matte Overlaminate

Textured Surfaces with Solvent Print – Envision 480Cv3 Print Wrap Film (installs 50% faster on brick!)

Stainless Steel Install (outdoor) – IJ181-10 Controltac Vinyl

Extend the Life of UV-cure pritns up to 50%  – 8528 Gloss Overlaminate

For Waterbased (AQ) Printers – 8522 Scotchcal Changeable Opaque Imaging Media

All 3M laminates are applicable for use over UV-cure ink.


Other material Specifications

Low Cost White Back Vinyl – 7045

Best Solvent-Printable Reflective – 680CR Flexible Grade Reflective Vinyl and 5100R Scotchlite Reflective Vinyl

Fire Rated Products – IJ380Cv3-10 with 8520 Matte OverlaminateIJ3552C Controltac Changeable Vinyl with Comply, IJ160-10 Controltac Vinyl

Extend the Life of UV-cure prints up to 50% – 8522 Scotchcal Changeable Opaque Imaging Media


Got a Low-Energy Surface?

There are many options, listed in order of stickiness, low to high:

  1. IJ180-10 Controltac Vinyl3M
  2. IJ380Cv3-10 Controltac Wrap Vinyl with Comply
  3. IJ8624 Scotchcal Vinyl for Textured Surfaces
  4. 3662-10 Scotchcal Sidewalk Vinyl
  5. 3670


Download the PDF!


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