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3M Discontinues Slow-Moving 1080 and 2080 Wrap Film Colours

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Sep 13, 2021 02:08pm
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Please be advised that effective September 10, 2021, 3M has ceased production of the following slow-moving 1080 and 2080 cast wrap film colours.

Material will be manufactured to fulfil orders that were in place as of September 10th, 2021, however new orders for these colours will not be accepted.

For alternate 3M Wrap Colours please visit this link.

Discontinued Color
Discontinued Color NameLegacy IDSAP ID
1080-GP2871080-GP287 ELECTRIC WAVE 60INX25YD75-3472-8911-07100104283
1080-GP2531080-GP253 CINDER SPARK RED 60INX25YD75-3472-8902-97100096057
1080-G3351080-G335 LEMON STING 60INX25YD75-3472-7064-97100039846
1080-G2471080-G247 ICE BLUE 60INX25YD75-3472-8759-37100096374
1080-GP2911080-GP291 GLACIER GRAY 60INX25YD75-3500-1316-77100141218
2080-M2292080-M229 COPPER METALLIC 60INX25YD75-0400-3769-17100218368
2080-S3442080-S344 COPPER CANYON 60INX25YD75-0400-3692-57100228251
2080-M672080-M67 RIVIERA BLUE 60INX25YD75-0400-3658-67100218335
2080-GP2982080-GP298 WICKED 60INX25YD75-0400-6293-97100198350
2080-SP2762080-SP276 CARIBBEAN SHIMMER 60INX25YD75-0400-3780-87100218375
2080-SP2772080-SP277 GLACIAL FROST 60INX25YD75-0400-3782-47100218364
2080-M542080-M54 ORANGE 60INX25YD75-0400-3641-27100195438
2080-CFS102080-CFS10 WHITE 60INX25YD75-0400-3698-27100218331
2080-SP592080-SP59 CARAMEL LUSTER 60INX25YD75-0400-3732-97100198963
1080-G2411080-G241 GOLD METALLIC 60INX25YD75-3472-1813-57000005306


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